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"Never Be the Same" was the Chris Cross song.


I'm totally with you on the Oral-B Satin floss.

Is the Christopher Cross song "Never Be the Same"?

If so, does this mean I win a box of Oral-B Satin floss?



Didn't see the first comment before I posted my comment. C2 Coke causes momentary blindness. :-)


Have you given Coke Zero a shot? It's the original Coke formula with aspartame substituted for sugar (as opposed to Diet Coke, which has tweaked the formula somewhat). I find it a lot less harsh than standard Diet, and I am a serious Coke addict (3-4 cans a day, minimum).

Of course, it's getting trickier to find, so it may soon be going the way of C2.



Josh -- I haven't tried Coke Zero yet, although there are a number of people here at the office who swear by it.

My most important duty at the office is pop czar. A few years ago, somebody decided that instead of a pop vending machine, we'd take an old fridge and stock it ourselves -- keeping the price reasonable, the variety better, and we keep the profits to fund office parties. I'm currently in charge, and I started stocking Coke Zero a few months back. It flew off our shelves at first, but I notice a decline in sales lately. Not sure why. I'll give it a shot, though.


There's such a thing as Diet Coke with sucralose (Splenda) where I live but this may be a test market. My wife said she couldn't find it on a recent trip to Los Angeles.


Bob- an FYI on one of your former favorite products. I have confirmation that "Chocodiles" are available in Las Vegas.


I remember back when my college roommate never drank anything except Tab. Now that's old school.

Library Cat

Bob, I would offer to help you but I am also the kiss of death to products; see Diet Coke w/vanilla. Although I could still buy Diet Coke w/vanilla and black cherry. If there is anyone in the world that likes any type of canned or bottled soda with cherry flavor added I will be shocked and appalled. Who is drinking that crap? I have moved on to the Diet Coke with Lime, I like it okay but it is really more of a summertime soda. Its Fall, I want my vanilla back.

Library Cat

Oh, and was there a yoga class going on at the gym? I'd be curled up in a little ball on top of a treadmill if that was the music selection.

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